Saturday, July 7, 2012

Report Card Day .

So , today is report card day and like always theres no Baguslah or whatever pujian . Must be WHY , WHY AND WHY . Its all beacuse my Math and Science results . I passed it but in right way is I got D . Its not because I have not a good teacher or its not beacuse I'm lazy . I just busy . Yeah , I'm a kid , student . But you know , student in Malaysia doesnt 'STUDY' only . As you know , on this 21 century , kita di Malasyai mempunyai sangat ramai siswa dan siswazah until ada yang jadi penggangur . Kerajaan tu isu lain . But its beacuse they all learn theory and apa yang syarikat syarikat dimana peluang kerja tercipta adalah praktikal .

But , i will do my best for PMR .
Dear Form One Students Batch 2012 you are so lucky .