Saturday, July 7, 2012

Miss mek molek .

So , as you knew on my entry baru baru ni . I had told you i had crush on this guru praktikal and you know what, someone is jealous . Haha . She is **. ******** **** . Haaaa . Actually when I was form one she is my crush . I doesnt know why i love my teacher , oppsssssss . Taraaa , thats a clue . Yeah , she is my teacher.

Hahaha . Dia cantik , comel . Even half of my friends agree with me . She is came from Kelate . You know , Kelate girl is so 'molek' . And beacuse of that I had crush on her , not just because molek but 'baek' . Haha .  When she met me , she just saying 'Macam mana dengan cikgu praktikal awak tu' and i was like 'Oh no' , she stalk my FB . Haha . Okay , so this Monday I would like to meet her again and try persuade her . Mana tahu ada chance , ecehhhh XD